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You’ll find here all the latest information about our  ‘Scottish Reels are Fun’ Book One, Dancing Sheets, Cartoons, Posters and forthcoming Meetings.
Posters Two
Posters Two

Elizabeth & George Buchanan, 14 High Street, Avening, Tetbury, Glos. GL8 8LU.  Tel: 01453-833016
Jane & Ian Peters, Fir Tree House, Rodborough Common, Stroud, Glos. GL5 5BJ.  Tel: 01453-762591
E-Mail : buchanan.el@gmail.com   ebonyian@gmal.com
                                                                         Latest update : 12th March 2017
Edge is a small Village that lies in the Cotswolds in the U.K. between the towns of Gloucester and Stroud.  In the Village Hall on a Monday night, on the SECOND Monday,  once a month between late Autumn and early Summer the following  year, are to be heard the happy sounds of people enjoying themselves Scottish Dancing.

EDGE REELS was started in 1985 by two local enthusiasts, Chris. Brent-Smith and Tony Milne.  For just over 30 years, dancers have been meeting at Edge, dancing, making friends and welcoming newcomers.  Each year we have had two excellent parties at Christmas and mid Summer, and the two dance Books - so brilliantly illustrated by Tony - have made the name of ‘Edgereels’ known around the world. Book One is now back in print, and both Books are now available also as .pdf downloads from the Web. At the moment on download, you will get two Books for the price of one, as the .pdf files were set up for printing the original books,  with two copies per A4 page.  Give one to your friends ! George and Elizabeth Buchanan, with Ian and Jane Peters, took over the Edge reins in January 2012 and the Group is going strong, introducing new dances and attracting new members. The dance programme to Summer 2015 will be found on the next page.

From time to time, we have issued an aide-memoire on existing and new dances, to help dancers through the steps.  We are fortunate in having in Tony Milne, our extremely talented cartoonist, and he has produced a logo for our Club - see above  - and illustrated many of these Progressions, Formations and Dances for us.  Tony’s Cartoons have proved to be very popular, and  they are available individually as A4 Posters to put up at meetings and to use for general publicity for Scottish Country Dancing.  See “Publications”  and “Posters” for further details.